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Cherokee Village is located in the northeastern section of the Arkansas Ozarks. We average about 150 miles from Little Rock, Memphis and Springfield, Missouri. All three cities feature national airports with major commercial airlines. The nearby Sharp County Regional Airport offers private aviation services and a 5000 foot runway.

When arriving in Cherokee Village there are 3 entrances residents and visitors use to enter the Village:

South Entrance (at US Hwy 62 & 412 and Iroquois Drive/Hwy 175)
This is considered the Village’s Main Entrance and is located at on US Highway 62 & 412. If coming from Highland or Ash Flat look for the large iconic Cherokee Village sign and make the turn at the stop light onto Iroquois Drive/Hwy 175. The Village’s Town Center, City Hall and four of its seven lakes are located only four miles from the stop light.

North Entrance (at US Hwy 62 & 412 and Iroquois Drive/Hwy 175)
For traffic coming from Hardy or Highland, this entrance leads in to the Northeastern corner of the Village along a winding scenic road that leads right into the Town Center and the heart of the Village.

West Entrance (at Hwy 289 & Cherokee Road/Hwy 175)
Coming in from Hwy 9 (Mountain Home & Salem) take Hwy 289 North and a right at Cherokee Road/Hwy 175. Coming in from Mammoth Spring on Hwy 289 South take a left onto Cherokee Road/Hwy 175. From the West Entrance, Cherokee Road passes the entrance to the Omaha Recreation Center, three lakes (Omaha, Aztec and Chanute) and the entrance to the South Golf Course and continues on to the Town Center.

Use the Google Map below for driving directions to Cherokee Village, Arkansas.

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